The coolest knotless braids styles


Knotless box braids are everything you would ever need in a braided hairstyle. They are protective and the fact that they are gentler on the roots of your head. They are effortlessly cool and they act as a protective styling for your natural hair. When compared to traditional box braids these do less damage, less tension on your scalp.  


The style looks more natural as it gradually weave into your natural hair. The process wont create damage to your edges. The style is free spirit and it looks great on anyone who want a modern braided look. Knotless box braids are all the rage right now in the natural hair community.

There are plenty of knotless braids styles to do with these types of braids:

Knotless Updo Braids in a Bun


Because these braids has less tensions they are perfect for elegant updo hairstyles. You can twist these are wear to formal events to wedding and prom. The appeal is chic and the style show versatility.


Half Up Half Down Knotless Braids


Who doesn’t love half up half down styles? These will look good on any age women or girls. This is one of the classic hairstyles form the 90’s that today girls and boys are still rocking. The style is cute and doing them with your braids is just as fun as with your own natural hair.


Colorful hair

You can buy these braids in multiple different colors. Women love to try out various hair colors such as fox red. The beauty of these styles you don’t have to ever damage your natural hair to try out these color hair. You can mix the colors of the hair with black to have a better blended hair or buy hair with dark roots.


Try out the longer knotless braids to really show off the beauty and color of the hairstyle.