How to Maintain Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair

How to Maintain Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair

Most black woman prefer kinky curly hair because it looks more natural. Flaunt your Brazilian curly hair as full lace wig or half wig. Kinky Curly hair can blend better with natural hair.

Some Reasons to Try Curly Extension Hair and getting used to Maintaining your Brazilian hair

Brazilian curly hair is similar to natural hair being a bit unruly if you are someone uses to wear your hair straight or straight extensions. Getting curly kinky hair may be challenging to take care of for most people. If you want to transition from relax to natural hair maybe this will give you the learning you need to get back to natural hair. This could help bring you back to dealing with kinky curly texture hair.

When you learn to accept kinky curly hair as it is things will feel a lot better to you. Do not expect curly hair to act like straight hair weave or relax hair. Getting used to curly hair extension it can become a real pleasure.

How to Maintain Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair?

To maintain virgin Brazilian curly hair depends on how you style it in the beginning. Its like your natural hair if you style it with just water or some light spray it may not last the night compare to curly hair style with cream/gels.

1 . Should you wash your Brazilian Curly hair Daily?

Do not wash your extension everyday, it could dry the hair out. If you were already familiar with natural hair you would know its ok to just use conditioner. Treat your Brazilian curly hair the same, just use shampoo when greasy. You can hop to wash it 3-4 times a week but not daily.

2 . Choose Shampoo for the hair type and Deep Conditioner

Use shampoo for curly hair type ( I recommend Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo ), as if you were choosing for your natural hair. Choose a mild shampoo to help preserve the hair natural moisture. Be sure to use sul-fate free shampoo. We can use this on our natural hair but the curly extension will not reproduce natural oil. So dont dry them out too much , this will lead to split ends and frizz.

After shampooing and rinsing your hair, apply deep conditioner. Conditioner is a must have for all hair but even more important to keeping your Brazilian hair alive. Be sure to let the hair soak up the conditioner and get it down to the root as well. You can also choose to apply leave in conditioner this is good for curly hair. I like using Green Tea Leave In Conditioner

3 . Can you brush deep wave hair?

Don’t brush them while they are wet.

Brushing create frizz, finger comb or use wide tooth comb. This will let your hair last longer and preserved the curls.

4 . Can you put heat on Brazilian hair?

Yes you can but lay off the heat, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons will eventually lead to breakage. If you want to have your weave for longer minimize the uses of these tools.

5. Dry your hair. If you go to bed with wet hair then this will lead to matting, tangles and damage your extension. When you sleep the hair will get messy and stuck together and led to damage. Staying under a hooded dryer is better than blow drying. Hooded dryer will help the hair dry completely with less damage. The time you will need to dry your hair depends on your hair thickness and length.