Hair color for Dark Skin Woman that you will love



When choosing hair color there are a few color wigs to choose from. We all want to try different hair colors but we dont always want to color our hair. So many hair color for dark skin is there but this is a cool way to try them out before considering going permanent.

Color wigs are perfect when you want to try out other hair colors. When I want to go for a perm color I always check with some wigs first. I want to get colors that compliment my skin and makes me feel great. Sometimes you want to go so bold that you have to stop and think maybe i should try this on a wig first. Getting multi color hair is not something everyone would be comfortable with in one day. Try these hair color for black woman and you should be fine.

Natural looking Honey Blond


Awesome blue here on Honey skin tone

This blue has lots of different hue. This you can rock on your natural texture hair and look amazing.


Getting bold colors on chocolate brown skin here are some of the most trendies colors right now. If you want to try pastel color these are some of the best ones to try. Pastel color trend not going any where any time soon.

Pastel Lime green color wig

Long light green is nice and is worth trying. This hair would look good either long short and I think if you are bold enough try it on your natural hair.

Bubble Gum pink On Nicki Minaj

Let your inner barbie come to life with a curly pink wig.

Black and Silver

Image via Inspired Beauty


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