10 Cute Natural Hairstyles

In this post, I am sharing 10 simple 4C Short Hairstyles That Look Good And Make You Fall In Love With Your Natural Hair. There are a lot of natural short haircuts that make you feel confident about your hair, as well as provide you with a low-maintenance look. If you like to keep your hair super short, a sleek-down style is one of the most stylish natural short haircuts that you can achieve.

You can customize this short natural hairstyle to suit your look by parting the hair into two sections and creating puffy updos. This style features a cornrow on the back of your head, with the remaining hair tied in a tall bun. For this look, the hair is twisted up the back of the head with the top part tied in a bun for the finish.

Hair twisted in the backward direction


The hair is twisted in backward direction, with all of the braids arranged in an upwards direction for the fashionable updo. For a nice updo, twist the sides of the hair in, but leave the back and front hair free and wavy. For this look, the hair is swept back in a bubble fake mohawk, with braids worn down the sides.

Topknot Hairstyle

For the nice out-twist look, we have nice, natural hair which has been put in a topknot. You can see the hair and products used to create a beautiful twist-out hairstyle, along with a tutorial, on the page below.

The hair is naturally and beautifully done, with an amazing twisted look in front. For this look, the hair is swept up and has a twist part in front. The hair has been divided into two sections, with the lower part styled in a nice bun, and the upper part having a subtle look of twisted up.

For a nice, elegant idea, the hair has been styled into four cornrows which are finished with two lower buns. Shorter hair can be twisted in a number of curved cornrows for a contemporary and appealing style for protecting natural hair.

The best part is that if you have shorter 4c hair, you can simply add a few clips or cornrows to achieve larger cornrows. For this short 4c haircut, you are going to either need 4c hair extensions with clips or have to braid your hair into big, shaggy hair at the back. Either way, you can wear the look with either shorter hair or mid-length 4c.

This style of cornrow is an excellent haircut for natural hair that is short or mid-length due to the flexibility. The diagonal side bob and the simple, no-nonsense lines of this protective haircut are perfect for shorter lengths of natural hair. This side-swept protective twist looks amazing, according to MahoganyCurls creator, is simple to pull off, and makes great use of old-school twists.

The simple, flat twists combined with French braids make this shorter haircut a popular way to protect the vulnerable, damaged shafts of hair when in-between more active braid styles. One of the prettiest, most feminine styles for naturally curly hair involves dividing the hair either horizontally, diagonally, or in half, then tying it in two thick braids with the twists.

Long, thick natural hair looks stunning with this creative and easy-to-braid updo. Part the hair directly in the middle, then braid your hair securely into this natural hairstyle for protection, giving it the chance to rest and grow healthier within weeks.

Natural curly

Show off your natural curly short hair in all of its glory by washing and conditioning your mane like you normally would, and then using several sprays of the Mizanis 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment to give your curls some definition. If you have shorter hair, a ringlet could be a simple haircut for your cute curly hairstyles to give a quick boost of style. You can braid your curls at the top, or wear the edges flat, using a few products, to smooth out the curls for a stylish, natural-looking, shorter haircut.

With all of these gorgeous highlights from the 4Cs Short Natural Hairstyles below, you will be inspired to wear your own hair for all of summer, no hair stylist needed. Whether you are new to the natural hair community and looking for an easy, protective haircut, or have been rocking type 4c for some time now and are looking for some fresh inspiration. Maybe you have already taken the plunge and got the big chop, or you have longer hair and are looking for a major hairstyle change.

If you have a little extra time on your hands, and a little kid that likes to sit around for their hair days, this is a hairstyle you might want to give a go. For younger children who cannot sit through long hairstyling sessions, this fast and simple haircut is going to be your best choice. This style is also ideal for children who have shorter hair and parents who are not experts at elaborate hairstyles.

You can update and add accessories to the Patewo by using child-friendly hair accessories. Top Knot Buns are such a simple style to pull off with just about any hair length, and they last from days to weeks. So is this accessories-based style, which adds a splash of color to shorter hair via the use of a fabric band.

Slicked back hair female

slicked back hair female

While many pixie cuts have a straight, slicked-back look, you can add a bit of versatility by going shorter in the sides and having an interesting curl crop at the top. By gradually working the edges and cutting close to your ears, the style will appear more deliberate, while letting natural hair grow freely on the top of the head.

If you are going through a shorter cut, at that point, do not be afraid to wear your natural hair as long as it is — simply brush it out evenly and use the Mizanis 25 Miracle Leave-In Cream for added moisture and shine. We have featured one natural hairstyle before which requires braiding the hair, and then pulling off the braids to get defined curls. You can pretty easily make a pineapple curly look if you have curly hair. These hairstyles can vary between being simple and fast, and being a little bit more complicated and laborious.