5 beautiful hairstyles for women

When it comes to hairstyles there is so many to choose from now. WE have Instagram baddie hairstyles, classic updo, braids, box braids and all the color of the rainbow. We can style you from head to toe for any occasion.


This is the classic girl style that everyone learns to do. There is really no bad ways to do a ponytail. Ponytail hairstyles are for school, work, workouts and formal events. We can style our ponytail elegant that it will even fit for wedding. Like this photo below is a great example of a elegant ponytail.


Tools to make great ponytail:

The dark brown to blonde balayage color

If you are at any age you can sport this hairstyles. It’s pretty and trendy and you don’t have to worry about any as the colors are usually neutral. You can have your hair short or long with this style. If your hair is short you can have the darker color down to the roots and have the top in a lighter color that compliment your skin stone.


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Instagram girls

If you want a baddie hairstyles are all the craze for young girls and women. When it comes to these kind of hairstyles you can really let yourself have fun. Get those baby hair, those are the small hair at the front of your head that is shorter than 2 inches.



What can we say about them, we love them? There are so many variety of braids to enjoy. Braids has been around since the beginning of time. They are some of the hairstyles we can do without having any fancy products. Braids are good as protective styles, working out and French braids can be super elegant.


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Bob hair

Bob hairstyles are one of those haircuts that look good on every women regarding their face. Bob haircut look good on all hair texture and color.

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